The world’s leading tech companies, consultancies and corporations use us to create virtual & in-person events, drive attendance, build lasting relationships and create new customers.

What We Do:

Acquiring new clientele and creating lasting relationships with your customers is the key to growing a profitable business. At Proqis Access, we understand the role experiential virtual and in-person events play in establishing an authentic bond to retain existing relationships and building new ones. We don’t just understand events. We live them.

We consistently work with Fortune 1000s technology companies, consultancies, and major corporations to accelerate their marketing programs. Collectively, we have worked on 1000s of market leading events; from building our own, to helping technology and consultancy firms build theirs; from large scale events, to small, intimate dinners, in all corners of the world.

Virtual & In-Person Events

Our events are designed to attract executive-level attendees.

We create the innovative, research driven, need-to-know agendas, addressed by the world's most progressive thought-leaders. All coupled with interactive, beautifully designed marketing campaigns.

Audience Acquisition

Our events, whether virtual or in-person are designed with all your needs in mind. We will help you select the best marketing campaigns and acquire the audience that you need to shape strong working relationships and build clientele, including access to our 419,000 subscribers on our content platform.


Accelerate your marketing campaigns by crafting custom virtual or in-person, intimate roundtables, private dinners, lunches. We will help you create the perfect, private meetings with the audiences you want to connect to most.

Our Method.

We believe in creating remarkable experiences that help drive conversations and give you access to the people that matter. We do this by creating holistic, end-to-end, multi-touch campaigns, that delight and deliver. Through event invites, eDMs, re-targeting, social, PPC and telemarketing we cut through the noise to accelerate your message to market.

Our Clients

Over 50 Projects Completed

Over 5,000,000 Attendees Welcomed 

Over 50 Happy Clients


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