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Media Partners 

Publications & Associations are carefully selected for their affinity with our events.

Publications & Associations are carefully selected for their affinity with our events. If your publication or association has strong synergy with our events, we are happy to work closely with you to achieve a powerful strategic partnership over the long-term.

This can include:

  • Thought Leadership Opportunities.

  • Arrange highly relevant attendee interactions.

  • Opportunities to interview our keynotes.

  • Help drive your membership or subscriber acquisition via extensive pre-event and on-site lead generation & branding activities.

Our Current Media Partners




The Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network is a peer-driven thought leadership and professional networking organization dedicated to advancing the emerging roles of the Chief Innovation Officer and Innovation Strategist within today's enterprise.

We are advocates for Innovation as a fundamental discipline and function within 21st Century organizations and seek to demonstrate where and how new inventive solutions and approaches can advance business value, gratify customers, ensure sustainability and create competitive advantage for companies worldwide.

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Keeping busy executives up to date with reports on the latest IT trends, presenting views from expert analysts and solution providers; EM360° offers specialist coverage making it the comprehensive guide for all aspects of organisational IT. With an established medium for editorial and online resources, we serve a global audience of C-level executives, management and IT practitioners, informing them of the latest developments in their industries.

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Institute for Operational Excellence

Founded in 2007, the Institute for Operational Excellence is the leading educational center for organizations and individuals interested in learning how to evolve a lean enterprise into one that can achieve and sustain Operational Excellence.

Our expert faculty members, who have taught hundreds of Fortune 500 companies in all industries, including consumer products, healthcare, insurance, fabrication, energy, and aviation, offer live and online training, books, innovative products, and other resources that can be applied in any area of any size business. From common concepts to advanced techniques, the Institute is the singular academic source for companies on the journey to Operational Excellence.

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i-nexus provides a SaaS solution that supports multiple strategy execution methodologies. If offers capabilities to define and cascade goals, plan and execute initiatives, and track achievement of outcomes, enabling organizations to continuously adjust the linkages between strategic and operational business outcomes. i-nexus helps:

Operational Excellence Leaders ensure their improvement investment is aligned with business goals and delivers financial and non-financial benefits;

Executives utilize Hoshin Planning to cascade business goals to actionable priorities with X-matrices and drive on-going review;

Business Transformation Leaders and EPMO align their strategic initiatives with business objectives, drive execution of strategic programs and track benefit realization.

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xDigital Research


xDigital is not-for-profit research company focused on providing quality research reports that outlines current & future state of digital technologies, their implementation, adoption and also present their unique point-of-view around what's happening and what will happen.

They are committed to contribute to the digital community by making cutting-edge research available to all digital practitioners with an unbiased view. A team of digital thought leaders and management consultants, united together to create a much needed practical knowledge-base and tools, by merging actual delivery experiences with available domain expertise and evolving technology landscape helping organisations or individuals in their digital journey.

xDigital conducts extensive research around various digital technologies like intelligent automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, mobility, analytics, internet of things and cloud targeting smooth enablement of digital capability, execution and talent.


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Future Strategies


Future Strategies Inc publishes unique books and papers on business process management and workflow, specializing in dissemination of information about BPM, workflow and electronic commerce. As such, the company contracts and works closely with individual authors and corporations worldwide and also manages the renowned annual Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow and the new annual Adaptive Case Management Awards. Future Strategies Inc., is the publisher of the business book series New Tools for New Times, the annual Excellence in Practice series of award-winning case studies and the annual BPM and Workflow Handbook series, published in collaboration with the WfMC.


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BPM Institute is recognized as an industry leader in delivering the skills and knowledge business professionals need to drive innovation in their enterprise—and their career. is the natural choice for practitioners of all skill levels to get industry-leading content, training, and certification. Training delivery methods include; face-to-face, live-online, or on-demand. Become a member and learn more about earning your BPMP Certificate or becoming certified at:


BA Institute (Business Architecture Institute) is the online community for business architecture professionals to stay abreast of the latest industry news, trends, and the best place to attain the skills needed for career growth and success. makes earning your Business Architecture Professional (BAIP) certificate easier than you might imagine. Training delivery methods include; face-to-face, live-online, or on-demand. Become a member today and learn more about earning your BAIP at:


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