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We work from anywhere in the world,

 Would you like to?

How We Work

So, how do we do it? How do we run on of the fast growing companies with 20 people, across 7 time zones, in 6 countries with not a square metre of physical office space between them?


It's simple. Our team.

Everyone who works here at Proqis had been searching for the freedom and flexibility that their roles here provide. All the members of our fantastic team have learned that communication is key: communication in house, communication between clients, communication about events, project and marketing campaigns, no matter what the subject our team relays information constantly. We use all the latest technology to keep our channels crystal clear and effective and always keep our laptops, phones, tablets and pens at the ready, to get work done where ever we are

What Makes a Proqis Team Member?

Taking Notes
Business Meeting

The fact that we are stationed miles away from each others doesn't stop us from being a very close-knit team and, of course, we meet up frequently at our world wide events!

Here at Proqis, experience is key. Experience in communicating with clients and your team. Experience in researching specific topics for clientele and managing projects and time effectively. But it isn't everything. Our people are driven, passionate and skilled, their can-do attitude fuels every transaction and makes this company one of the leading operational excellence events providers.


Contribute directly to the company vision

We want you to grow with us. 

Here at Proqis we want you to tell us what you think. Our team members have opportunities to grow in their roles and in the wider business. We actively encourage you to voice your ideas, we can trial and test your suggestions, and see what helps us and the business. 

As such a fast growing company, we welcome independence, innovation and the new ideas of all our team mates. 

Want to know what a remote office looks like?

  • Work from anywhere

  • Competitive salary

  • Generous vacation policy

  • Great healthcare + dental + vision coverage*

  • Workplace pensions /401k

  • Profit sharing

  • Company retreats to cool places

Man Working from Home
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